Uncategorized Home Update February – Show Your Home Some Love Valentine’s Day is a time for exchanging gifts, indulging your sweet tooth and spending time with the one you love.  Of all the places you and your valentine could be, where better to spend the day together than in the place you love most: Home Sweet Home.  As you and your household are exchanging gifts […]
Uncategorized Home Update February – The Season for Deep Cleaning There’s a reason why there is a season for deep cleaning (Spring Cleaning).  A tradition for so many generations: after spending so much time indoors during the winter, there’s more than the usual amount of clutter, mildew, dust, dirt, pet dander and holiday leftovers that need to be addressed. Cleaning and organizing room-by-room is the […]
Uncategorized Home Update January – Latest Interior Design Trends The Latest Interior Design Trends Deciding on the latest interior design trend can feel a bit overwhelming.  It takes a bit of daring to try an all-new design idea, especially if it’s a trend that you haven’t seen your friends or family implementing.  In my experience, though, it’s always worth the extra effort.  For many […]
Uncategorized Home Update December – How to Create a Holiday Home The best way to make your guests feel welcome and relaxed at this time of year is to create an indoor setting that emphasizes cozy seating, laid-back ambience and interactive group experiences.  This Home Update will help you to create a holiday home by applying some of the same principles that luxury hotels are famous […]
Uncategorized Home Update November – Home Secure at the Holidays It’s unfortunate, but studies show that burglaries and other property crimes increase around the holidays – for a multitude of reasons.  Fortunately, lots of options are available today for protecting your possessions from some of the most common types of holiday crime.  Following is a summary of the solutions that have proven the most effective […]
Uncategorized October Home Update – Selling a Home in the Fall Selling a Home in the Fall Often, buyers looking for a home at this time of year are relocating because of job change and want to get settled before the holidays.  Plus, because there are typically fewer homes for sale in the fall, buyers know they need to make a competitive offer quickly if they […]
Uncategorized September Home Update – When Flooding Occurs When Flooding Occurs  You don’t need to live near a body of water to be concerned about flooding in your home.  You’ve got hundreds of gallons of water pumping through the pipes in your walls and floors.  In fact, the most common form of household water damage is that caused by plumbing leaks and appliance […]
Uncategorized Spring Home Maintenance Checklist     Now that spring has sprung, let’s clear the cobwebs and get your home ready! Here is our quick guide to spring home maintenance:         Inspection top to bottom: Now that the weather is temperate you will want to check on how your home weathered the winter. Check the roof for leaks, […]
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Uncategorized Winter Home Maintenance Checklist         With Winter fast approaching, there are a few maintenance and safety tasks every homeowner should tackle:     Protect wood floors and carpet: Place a floor mat and/or boot-scrapper just inside the main entries to keep water and mud from being tracked onto expensive and easily damaged floorings and rugs. Seal […]
Uncategorized Home Update September 2018 – Roof In this addition of Home Update, we will be discussing the importance of maintaining your roof.   If you think it’s okay to let your roof languish, know this: Doing so could nullify your homeowners insurance coverage.  If your roof is nearing  or past its expiration date – or if you’ve notice leaks, water stains on […]
Real Estate Home Update April 2018 Fast Fixes That Sell Homes If you’re planning to put your home up for sale this spring (one of the best times of the year), you probably already know that any deferred maintenance issues need to be addressed beforehand, clutter needs to be swept away, and the property needs to look its best inside and […]
Uncategorized March Home Update The (Not-SO) Secret Selling Advantage   There are lots of great reasons to entrust the sale of your home to a professional agent instead of trying to sell it yourself, but here’s one guaranteed to grab your attention: Two new batches of research prove that agent-sold homes sell for more money. According to the most […]
Uncategorized Home Update February 2018 BUYING YOUR FIRST HOME According to Realtor.com, last year was officially “the most competitive, fastest-moving spring housing market in decades.” It’s not clear yet if things will become even more heated this spring.  But one thing is for sure: To be successful in a competitive real estate market, first-time buyers need to be flexible and […]
Uncategorized Turtle Triage – An Argument in Support of Home Warranties I’m house-sitting. Actually dog and turtle sitting. The house is fine without me. The first morning I came out to check on Hermie, the turtle. He was staring at the temperature and humidity gauge in his aquarium. Staring does not properly describe it — his neck was stretching towards the gauge with great attention. Hermie […]
Uncategorized Home Update January 2018 2018 Design Trends This issue of Home Update is all about trends.  You may not have the biggest or the best house in the neighborhood, but if you put these design insights to good use you can be the proud owner of a super stylish abode.  According to the interior design experts, the work they’re […]
Uncategorized Home Update December Safely Storing Your Holiday Décor In this issue of Home Update we will discuss holiday decorations and how they are some of the most difficult things to store.  Fragile, easily damaged, oddly shaped and typically stored for most of their life, they pose a considerable challenge to even the best organizer.  However, once you know […]
Uncategorized Home Update November 2017 Preparing for Holiday Visitors Take time now to ensure your home is properly prepared for the onslaught of family and friends who may be visiting during the holiday season this year.  The secret to being a memorable holiday host is having a house that’s not only welcoming, but also safe and well-maintained.  Following are some […]
Uncategorized Home Update October 2017 Garage Door Maintenance If just one part of your garage door fails, the consequences can be significant.  If it won’t open all the way, your car could be stuck inside until a repair crew arrives.  If it won’t close completely, everything stored in your garage – as well as your home – could be vulnerable […]
Uncategorized Home Update September 2017 Four Fall To-Dos For many people, fall is the best season of all – not too hot, not too cold; lots of color in the leaves; and a little less hectic at home with the kids back in school.  What a great time to tackle a few important fair-weather home-maintenance tasks at home.  In just […]
Uncategorized Home Update August 2017 Air Conditioner Alternatives When the weather starts sizzling, not everyone can rely on central air conditioning to keep cool.  And those who do have a cooling system installed in their home may not want to spend the money running it night and day.  The alternative to air conditioning run the gamut from sensible, no-cost actions […]