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February Home Update

How Home Staging Sells

If you’re planning to sell your home anytime soon, give some serious thought to hiring a professional stager for an interior makeover.

After assessing your home, neighborhood and the most likely buyer, a home stager will physically arrange furnishings throughout your house and recommend other changes – which often include inventive ways to tackle clutter, high-impact painting suggestions, quick fixes for long-overdue repair issues, plus much more.

The process and underlying principles involved are akin to interior decorating, but are also very focused on the ever-changing desires of today’s home buyers and how best to appeal to them.

Here are some reasons why home staging can be well worth the investment:

Your Home Will Feel Bigger

Over the years, many homes fill with furnishings that make rooms feel awkward, cramped and crowded.  A professional stage knows what to remove and how to rearrange what’s left to make these areas feel more spacious and useful.

Problem Areas Can Ben Downplayed

Some homes have rooms that are too small, too big or oddly shaped; interior payouts that make it difficult to get from room to room; fireplace mantels that overwhelm the living room; closetless bedrooms; misplaced windows; and other problems.  Home staging can make those weaknesses seem insignificant, even unnoticeable; at the very least, it will demonstrate for prospective buyers how they can overcome the challenges.

Marketing Photos Look Better

Today, buyers begin their search for a new home online, where photos of the property will largely determine how many people will take the time to tour your home in person.  When the walls are hung with neutral artwork, the interior decor is balanced, and the lighting is uplifting, it’s far easier for the photographer to make your house a standout.

Buyers Will Feel At Home

It’s difficult for many prospective buyers to see someone else’s home and envision living there themselves – especially if the current owner has outgrown the space, is using rooms in unusual ways, has out-of-date design ideas, or just hasn’t maintained the property well.  The goal of home staging is to make every space in the house appeal to either the largest pool of prospective buyers or a very specific type of targeted buyers.

You’ll Sell Faster

A recent study performed by a team of real estate professors showed that most prospective buyers are not willing to pay significantly more for a house simply because it’s expertly furnished.  However, another marquee study has demonstrated that staged homes sell far more quickly – which also has a direct impact on the seller’s bottom-lined profit:

  • Homes that sell quickly usually garner the highest asking price
  • Sought-after homes often attract multiple bidders
  • A fast sale means the homeowner can cut their expenses and move on more quickly

According to the most recent RECA study, professionally staged properties valued between 4300,000 and $499,000 sell in 22 days on average, while comparable unstaged homes were found to typically languish on the market for an average of 125 days.

For more information about staging, as well as referrals to professional stagers, contact me anytime.


Source: Windermere Home Update February 2017.