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Home Update August 2017

Air Conditioner Alternatives

When the weather starts sizzling, not everyone can rely on central air conditioning to keep cool.  And those who do have a cooling system installed in their home may not want to spend the money running it night and day.  The alternative to air conditioning run the gamut from sensible, no-cost actions to home-improvement projects with a modest investment.  Here are some of the best ideas:


Permanently mounted in the highest ceiling of your house, a whole house fan can very quickly cool your home at the end of a hot day – for a fraction (about 10-15%) of what it would cost to do the same with central air conditioning.  When the outside temperature drops in the evening, open the downstairs windows, turn on the fan, and let the powerful fan blades push the hot air out and pull the cool air in.

WINDOW FANS (more than one)

There’s always been a debate about whether it’s more effective to have your window fan blowing hot air out or sucking cool air in.  The truth is: a combination of two fans works best – one mounted in a window on the cool side of the house pulling air in, and another mounted in an opposite window blowing hot air out.  Working together, the duo creates an effective circulating effect.


A ceiling mounted fan won’t cool the room, but it will cool you when you’re sitting under it.  If you have air conditioning and want to save on costs, try switching it on for short periods, then letting the ceiling fan circulate the cool air when you turn it off.


Closing your windows curtains/blinds is a good way to keep the sun’s rays from overheating the interior of your home.  But installing external blinds – or an old-fashioned awning – works even better, because even less heat is able to pass through the window.


During the day, when it’s really hot outside, it’s important to keep the doors and windows closed as much as possible – to trap any cool air inside and keep hot air outside.  At night, open the doors and windows to let out any warm air and let in the cool air.


Many homeowners think insulation is only good for keeping the house warm during the winter, but it helps keep the interior cool too (so long as you don’t open doors and windows and let hot air inside).


The weather isn’t the only think that’s hot right now.  The real estate market is, too.  If you’re even considering buying or selling in the near future, I encourage you to schedule a meeting with me at your earliest convenience so we can talk about the trends at hand and the tactics that work.