Uncategorized January 17, 2018

Turtle Triage – An Argument in Support of Home Warranties

I’m house-sitting. Actually dog and turtle sitting. The house is fine without me.

The first morning I came out to check on Hermie, the turtle. He was staring at the temperature and humidity gauge in his aquarium. Staring does not properly describe it — his neck was stretching towards the gauge with great attention.

Hermie sensed his owner was gone and he was at the mercy of my furtive fending for his needs. I’m convinced that he was staring at that gauge and thinking: “My owner is gone. This woman does NOT know what she’s doing. If those gauge indicators move outside of the required ranges, I will die. I’m terrified!”

OR — Hermie believes in the great gauge god in the sky.

Either way. Hermie’s owner has successfully overseen her turtle out of hibernation. Just in time for me to force him into existential angst.

Environments are tenuous. Any little change can cause damage, chaos, … a renewed focus on a higher power.

This is true when you buy a new home. Maybe more people are now living in the home. Systems are used differently. A period of vacancy dried out the o-rings in your [insert plumbing fixture here] and you are 3 uses away from total failure and flooding.

Home warranties cover major systems in a home for the first full year of ownership. The one time fee for coverage can be negotiated as paid by the Seller, too. In Walla Walla, American Home Shield is a common provider — www.ahs.com.

So — when it comes to care of your new home, don’t just hope and pray. Hermie needs all the support he can get from the gauge god in the sky and there’s a better resource for home owners in a home warranty.

Source: Melissa Tetz