Uncategorized November 19, 2018

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist





With Winter fast approaching, there are a few maintenance and safety tasks every homeowner should tackle:



  • Protect wood floors and carpet: Place a floor mat and/or boot-scrapper just inside the main entries to keep water and mud from being tracked onto expensive and easily damaged floorings and rugs.
  • Seal cold-air gaps: Air gaps around windows and doors make it harder, and more expensive, to keep your house warm.
  • Clean the gutters: Now that the trees have lost most of their leaves, give the gutters a thorough cleaning before they heavy rains arrive.
  • Check your detectors: During the winter months, there’s a sharp increase in carbon monoxide poisoning and home-heating fires. To protect your family, make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are less than 10 years old and have fully charged batteries.
  • Revisit your emergency supplies: According to FEMA, every home should have enough food, water and medicine on hand to last for two weeks in case of an earthquake, major storm or other natural disaster.

Another winter maintenance to consider is Holiday Lights Safety.  Wrapping the house and yard with lights is a beautiful holiday tradition, but it needs to be done with care to ensure there are no accidents.

Here are five tips from professional lighting designers:

  • Enlist a helper to hold light strings, steady ladders and more.
  • To avoid shocks: don’t work when it’s raining; use a fiberglass ladder and wood poles; wear gloves and rubber-soled shoes.
  • All lights should be plugged into a legitimate outdoor outlet with a built-in GFCI circuit breaker.  A 15-amp circuit can handle a maximum of 1,800 total watts; a 20-amp circuit can handle 2,400 watts.
  • There are special clips available for hanging lights on just about any surface, so avoid staples, nails and screws. for rough surfaces (like concrete and brick), try using hot glue.
  • Put all the lights on timers to ensure they’re safely turned off at the end of each night.


Source: Windermere Real Estate November Home Update.