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Home Update April – Spring Cleaning




Spring Cleaning for Home & Health

It’s the time of year when homeowners break out their gloves and cleaning products to give their homes a deep clean.  From scrubbing the most commonly used spaces to organizing hidden corners, spring cleaning is not just important for cosmetic reasons.  It can also improve the health of your household, prevent damage to your home and extend the life of your appliances.

The health of your home and your family go hand-in-hand.  Giving your house a thorough spring cleaning takes a bit more than some simple scrubbing.  So fill up your cleaning bucket and get ready to make your home the healthiest it can be this spring.  You’ll need the right supplies, a little patience, and plenty of elbow grease.

Maximizing Cleaning Effectiveness

  • Clean and Disinfect: A great first step to your spring cleaning is to scrub your surfaces, floors, and high-touch areas with soap or whatever your preferred cleaning solution is.  This cleaning method targets contaminants, but additional disinfecting is needed to wipe out pathogens – – additional germs laying around your home. Mix a solution of four teaspoons of bleach per quart of water to deep clean your surfaces.  Let the solution sit for ten minutes before washing it off.
  • Work Top to Bottom: Spring cleaning takes time.  The last thing you want is to discover a dirty spot after you’ve cleaned it, only adding to your to-do list.  To avoid re-cleaning the same areas, work top to bottom.  Dust your ceilings, shelves, walls and tough-to-reach places first.  This will push all dust, dirt, and grime downward, where you will catch it as you continue cleaning.  Take your books, decorations, and other items off your shelves before dusting.  Once you’ve cleaned the area, go over the items with a soft cloth before putting them back into place.  Taking a moment to wipe everything off will make a big difference in ridding your home of dust.  Cover your furniture or move it away from where you are actively cleaning to protect it from cleaning materials and maintain its condition.
  • Look for Signs of Mold: As you go about crossing off your spring cleaning to-do list this year, be sure to set aside some time to properly search for signs of mold, a harmful fungus that can lead to serious health issues.  Mold loves to grow in areas where condensation forms, so any water damage or long-lasting moisture is likely to lead to its growth. Keep an eye on your windows, pipes, and watch for any water leaks.  Peeling paint is also an indication that mold has begun to grow.

Critical Tasks to Prevent Damage

  • Cleaning Gutters: No matter where you live, cleaning gutters is a high-priority spring cleaning task.  For those who live in wetter climates, clogs can cause damage to your gutter, or even your roof if neglected.  For those who live in a dry climate, gutter debris can be a fire hazard.
  • Clean your Shower Drain: As soon as you notice standing water in your shower, it’s time to clean the drain before you run into a serious plumbing issue.  Using tools like a shower snake will help to dislodge any hair or other debris blocking the drainage.
  • Check your Washer & Dryer: Spring cleaning is the perfect time to check your dryer duct and washer filters. Clean out any lint buildup in your dryer duct can prevent fires or expensive repairs down the road. Check your washer filter for buildup or any loose items that may have fallen out of your clothing.

Efficient Ways to Store Items at Home

  • Multifunctional Furniture: Look for beds with underneath storage, coffee tables with pull-out storage bins and desks with shelving
  • Hanging Your Pots & Pans: This will keep them organized and easily accessible while freeing up cabinet and counter space for storage
  • Roller Cart: Try a roller cart in the bathroom or laundry room to stow your toiletries, cleaning products and any extra items
  • Garage Shelving: Keep your heavier, bulkier items organized and within reach.  This is a great place for landscaping products and any yard tools
  • Labels & Clear Containers: Labeling will do wonders for your home-storage organization. Using clear containers is the best way to make sure your items are easy to find later

Source: Windermere Home Update