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Home Update May – Guide to Gardening

Guide to Gardening

Whether you simply tend to a few veggies or have a flourishing, flowering sanctuary, May is the critical month to tend to your plants. The time you spend now will keep your harden fertile and healthy heading into summer.  Spring is coming to a close and we are fast approaching summer, which means there is much to be done in the garden. Below is a general guide to gardening and tips that apply to gardeners in all climates.


Weed: No matter where you live, weeds are a top concern for your garden. By tending to your weeds in May, you’ll be ahead of the curves when summer comes around. Use this time to check for any infestations or fungi growing on your plants and flowers as well.

Water: Water is the lifeblood of a healthy garden. Keeping your plants and flowers irrigated is paramount, and especially so in May. Proper watering now will have your garden in top shape as we move into drier months.

Clean Water Features: During warmer months, it’s easy for ponds, bird baths, and water features to grow algae rapidly. Be sure to clean your water filters and remove decaying leaves.

Mulch: May is a great time to mulch your garden. Mulching helps to keep your soil moist when temperatures rise, keeps weeds at bay, and enriches your soil with organic matter.


Throughout the year, your local climate will dictate the needs of your garden. Find your region below to pinpoint what you can do this month to ensure your garden is as healthy as possible.

Pacific Northwest: May in the PNW creates wonderful conditions for your garden, Sun breaks are becoming more common, but rain is still fairly consistent. This month, take time to clean up your rose bushes by deadheading any old blooms. Now is the perfect time to begin seeding your annuals. Remember to plan your planting pattern before placing any seeds in the ground.

Mountain West: Residents of the Mountain West and High Plains can begin to plant warm season annuals – like marigolds and petunias – as soon as your region’s last average frost date has passed. Wait a couple more weeks to plant seeds for corn, squash, and cucumbers.

Northern California: This region experiences warm temperatures in May, with sunny and dry days continuing until temperatures begin to heat up for summer. Look for any fungal diseases or evidence of inspects in your garden, giving yourself time to act quickly. Check your sprinkler and irrigation systems this month. If they are in need of any repairs, it’s best to get them taken care of before summer.

Southern California: Even warner than Northern California, May is a critical month for SoCal gardeners. Roses should be fertilized before summer hits. Any tomato plants, potatoes, and bell peppers you want to grow should be planted now.  It is also a good idea to prepare your warm-season veggies by sowing melons, squash and the like.

Southwest: Those who live in the southwest can expect high temperatures and very few rainy days during May. It is the right time to fertilize and plant your palm trees and cacti, as average temperatures will increase significantly by month’s end. Accordingly, you’ll want to set aside some time to make sure your sprinkler and irrigation systems are in working order.

Hawaii: During May, warm temperatures and abundant moisture create perfect conditions for Hawaiian plant life. This month is high time to spread compost while feeding your fruit and flower trees. For extra healthy plants and trees, try mulching bananas after you feed. To further protect your garden, watch for snails, slugs and weeds.


Wherever you live, I hope this guide to gardening helps your garden bloom as we head into summer. This time of year, the real estate market is blooming as well.  To understand what you can expect from the Walla Walla Valley market, feel free to contact me.


Source: Windermere Home Update