Uncategorized June 16, 2021

Home Update – Backyard Makeover for Summer

Giving Your Backyard a Makeover for Summer

Summer is here!  Nothing makes those times more satisfying than putting some work into your home’s landscaping and beautifying your garden.  Homeowners everywhere are making summer plans, putting together to-do lists, and prepping for a season spent in the backyard.  These makeover tips will help you create the backyard you’ve always wanted.

Upgrade Your Deck

Whether your deck is the focal point of your backyard or a space to stow your grill, a few simple touches can have it looking completely refreshed.  By creating a seating area on one side of the deck, you’ll establish an inviting space for gatherings.  If you barbecue on the deck, arrange your seating area on the opposite side to save room.  Add in some colorful throw pillows and plants and you’ll have a hang-out spot in no time.  Pergolas and patio umbrellas provide shade, protect against any summer rains, and help to add a large splash of color.  For seating, durable, weatherproof chairs and bench seats with underneath storage are popular, functional options.

Improve Your Landscaping

  • Making improvements to your yard and garden can be work.  Fortunately, putting in a handful of hours can make a huge impact.  Before you know it, you’ll be wiping sweat from your brow and admiring the progress you’ve made on your backyard makeover.
  • Walkways can make a huge difference to your backyard’s aesthetic appeal.  Design your walkway to be an extension of your home, creating a sense of flow from the house to the backyard.  After you’ve picked your pavers, roll the path as flat as possible before setting them in.  Decorate the pathway with potted plants and flowers to bring in color.
  • Backyards are also meant for relaxing.  After taking care of the tough landscaping work, your backyard is just a few steps away from feeling like an oasis.  Install a water feature or birdbath to bring serenity to the space and watch the neighborhood birds flock to it.  Nothing says summer like lying in a hammock under the sun.  String one up between two trees or look for hammocks that come with stand and swing the sunny afternoons away.


Don’t Forget Father’s Day

However you’re spending Father’s Day this year, these tips will help create a fun-filled and memorable day.

  • Start the day by making brunch. Whether you have an active day ahead, or breakfast in bed is more the pace you have in mind, taking the time to make a morning meal will start the day off right.
  • Father’s Day is a perfect time to go hiking.  Hit the trails at your local parks or point out a hiking destination on the map and make a day trip out of it.
  • For dinner, make your dad’s favorite meal.  If the weather permits, take your dinner outside for an early summer backyard picnic.
  • Gather around the family, team up, and have a game night.
  • Host a movie night, either a family favorite or something you’ve been wanting to watch together.


Source: Windermere Home Update