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Home Update – Summer Heat

Preparing Your Home for Summer Heat

Summer is the season for spending long days in the yard, taking dips in the pool and sitting in the shade to beat the heat.  In the midst of these sun-filled adventures, though, lies the potential for heat waves, smoke and wild fires.  Every homeowner should be ready for these emergencies as well as the damaging effects they can have on their home.  The following information will help you prepare your home for the hottest days of the year. Keep your family comfortable and protect your home and loved ones during a hot, dry season.  Once you’ve taken these steps, you can enjoy your summer days at home knowing you’re prepared.

Keep Cool

Conditioned air can be a lifesaver during summer.  There are two main options when it comes to air conditioning: either a window unit or central cooling.  Window units are the least expensive option and offer portability.  It’s important to choose a unit that is the right size for your home or the room you’re trying to cool.  One that’s too big will quickly cool your space and then shut off completely.  This can increase your energy bills and put unnecessary wear on the unit.  An undersized unit simply won’t cool your home and will constantly run to try to reach the target temperature.  With central air conditioning, homeowners can expect much higher startup costs.  But once installed, central AC provides short and long-term comfort and adds to your home’s value.

When temperatures change with the season, it’s a good time to check your HVAC unit’s air filters.  This is especially true during summer.  Before performing any maintenance, be sure to turn the unit off.

If any devices that give off heat are close enough to the thermostat that regulates the AC, they could generate an incorrect reading, which could throw off your air conditioning efficiency.  For maximum efficiency, place these devices away from the thermostat.


3 Tips for Backyard Picnics

It’s backyard picnic season.  No matter what you and your household have on the menu, here are some tips to help make your picnics special.

  • Prepare your Backyard – A quick cleanup will help set the tone for an enjoyable and stress-free picnic.  Give your lawn a fresh mow, clean up flower beds, and prune any overgrown trees and plants before sitting down to eat.
  • Choose a Theme – Whether it’s a fun-filled day with kids or a romantic evening for two, picking a theme will help guide your menu choices.  Experiment with decor to match the theme for a memorable summer experience.
  • Compose your Menu – Picnic menus run the gamut.  If you’re looking for a lighter meal, go for appetizer-heavy, charcuterie-based dishes.  For a more filling menu that involves more prep, break out the barbecue and grill your summer favorites.


Late Summer Landscaping

The final stretch of summer is a crucial time for landscaping maintenance around your home.  To make the most of the waning summer days and to prepare for the fall days to come, keep these tips in mind.

  • Keep an Eye on Your Lawn – Keep your lawn looking fresh by sticking to a watering routine and keeping an eye out for weeds and crabgrass.  Late summer is the time of year when these harmful plants can get out of control, so it’s best to get ahead of them now.  Watch out for pests and fungal diseases that could harm your lawn as well.
  • Get a Jump on Hardscaping – Before the season changes, take advantage of the warm temperatures and jump on any hardscaping projects you had planned this summer.  Any outside work on patios, walkways, and decks is best accomplished now.  This avoids any potential delays in the project due to colder temperatures or rain – depending on your local climate – and also allows you to finish the task with some sunny days left to enjoy it.


Source: Windermere Home Update