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Home Update – Summer Projects

9 DIY Summer Projects

Temperatures are rising and home-project lists are piling up, leaving some homeowners feeling overwhelmed by their to-dos.  One helpful strategy is to prioritize your projects by season. I’ve compiled a list of simple and cost-effective summer projects you can do around the house and yard to help make the most of your time at home while preparing for the seasons ahead.

  1. Organize a garage/yard sale: No summer project list would be complete without a task to sift through your home’s clutter and organize a garage or yard sale.  While you’re compiling items to be sold, identify which items can be donated to declutter your home most effectively.
  2. Upgrade your front entry: Your home’s front entry or porch can make a lasting impression.  Make a statement with a boldly colored front door, look for stylish house numbers, and add classic front porch elements like a sitting bench or swing for ultimate comfort.
  3. Fix up your fence: Whether your fence is in need of a simple wash, a new sealant or stain, or structural repair, July is high time to get this work done and extend the life of your fence.  Power washers are a helpful tool in getting your fence clean before re-staining.  Let the fence dry for one to two days before applying the stain.
  4. Build a firewood shed: It’s best to prepare for winter ahead of time.  In summer, conditions are perfect to build a firewood shed to keep your firewood dry throughout the fall and winter.  Build a simple enclosure with an open front.  This lets air pass through easily, drying the wood quickly.
  5. Repaint kitchen cabinets: A fitting summer project in the kitchen, repainting your cabinets brings new life into the space without the hefty price tag of a full-scale renovation.  For a complete refresh, repaint the hardware too, or replace them to match the new cabinet color.
  6. Exterior painting: Giving the outside of your home a fresh coat of paint does wonders for its curb appeal.  July is a great time to get outside and paint, as the chances for rain are lower than other months.
  7. Install a window air conditioner: Depending on your local climate, the hottest time of year is either already here or fast approaching.  If you don’t have central air, install a window AC unit to enjoy the time you spend indoors comfortably.  Installation is typically a two-person job, so be sure to have help ready when it comes time to install.
  8. Insulate your basement/crawl space: Although not the most glamorous of all summer projects, taking time to insulate your basement or crawl space during summer will pay off come winter.  Because it may take multiple trips to properly install the insulation, the summer weather makes for more ideal conditions to accomplish the task.
  9. Build a firepit: Common firepit materials include brick, stone, or cinder blocks.  Outline your firepit before you start digging.  Once a hole is dug six to eight inches deep, fill in the hole with gravel until it is level with the ground.  Choose your materials, fix the stones into the ground, compact them together, and enjoy nights by the fire under the stars.  Check for local burn bans or regulations.





Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Lawn


Feed Your Lawn: Feeding your lawn is the key to healthy growth.  After roughly six to eight weeks, it will have absorbed all the nutrients of the previous feeding and will be ready for another.

Establish a Watering Routine: Watering early in the morning gives your lawn enough time to let the water evaporate naturally.  Water deeply to encourage your grass to grow long.

Don’t Mow Too Short: Taller blades of grass provide more shade for their roots. This keeps your lawn from overheating and drying out.

Clean Up After Pets: Pet waster can easily over fertilize your lawn, turning it brown and drying it out.  Clean up after your pet to avoid damage.

Tend To Your Mower: The more your mower’s condition worsens, the more it can damage your lawn.  Clean the blades after mowing and regularly change the oil and filter.



Review Your Checklist

At summer’s end, go over your DIY to-do summer project list to see how much you’ve accomplished and if there was anything you missed.  Transfer applicable projects to next season.


Source: Windermere Home Update