Uncategorized October 26, 2021

Home Update – Simple Garage Makeover Ideas



For some homeowners, the garage is as functional a living space as the family room.  For others, it is simply used for storage or parking a vehicle.  Your needs as a homeowner will change over time, and your garage can evolve to fit those needs.  These simple garage makeover ideas can help keep you organized, boost your curb appeal, and increase your home’s value.   However you go about your garage makeover, make the space your own.  I hope these tips help kickstart your projects.


Garage Exterior

The garage door is a natural starting point for your makeover.  A garage door replacement is a surefire way to improve the appearance of your home and is a common tactic for drumming up buyer interest when selling.  Even if you don’t have the budget for a full-scale replacement, a DIY garage door make over can still make a big difference.

Begin by prepping your garage door for a fresh coat of paint.  Clean and scrub the surface with warm soapy water.  Scrape off any loose paint with a putty knife or wire brush.  If scraping manually is too taxing, use a wire-wheel brush tool.  Rinse and clean the door, letting it dry completely before you begin painting.  Once you’ve covered your driveway with a tarp or plastic sheeting to protect it from paint spills, you’re ready to begin painting.  Choose a complimentary color for your trim to make the door stand out.  Check out different styles of garage-door hardware options that match the style of your home.

Garage Interior

As you turn your attention to your garage’s interior, consider refinishing the floor first.  By starting with the floor, you won’t have to continually shuffle your garage items around as you continue your makeover.  Start by fixing any cracks or holes with a basic patch kit.  Once the surface is flat, sweep and mop from end-to-end. If you are removing a previous layer of paint, use a buffer to jar the old paint loose before repainting.  Finishing your garage floor with epoxy will help protect it from stains and damage.  Apply two coats of epoxy twenty-four hours apart, followed by a sealing topcoat.

In just a few steps, you can turn your garage from a cluttered oversized closet into an organized storage space.  Start by taking inventory of the items in your garage.  Do you have lots of tools? Is the space filled with sports equipment? Grouping like items together will help give order to your storage.  Next, decide where you would like to store your items. Overhead racks, rollers, and ceiling storage can significantly cut down on clutter, but these options are best reserved for infrequently accessed or seasonal items such as holiday decorations and camping gear.

Keep frequently used items within reach. Magnetic wall panels are a great resource for your everyday tools and gardening equipment.  Install shelving and drawers near your workbench to keep things such as your smaller hand tools, screws, and nails tidy and organized.  Add labels so you can keep track of them.  If space is limited, consider a wall-mounted foldable workbench to save space.

Now it’s time to put the final touches on your garage makeover.  Though installation may require the help of a professional, adding electrical outlets will pay dividends for the functionality of your garage.  Installing bike hooks on the ceiling will help to save floor space and may provide just the clearance you need to park a vehicle inside.  Lastly, consider upgrading your lighting.  Newly installed lights will add value to your home and, most importantly, will make your garage safer.

Source: Windermere Home Update