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Home Update – DIY Winter Home Projects

DIY Winter Home Projects

Certain home projects that require a specific skillset or specialized equipment are best left to professionals, but there are many others that can be accomplished on your own, and you’ll save money doing them, too.  As we head toward the end of the year, it’s a perfect time to break out your to-do list and revisit those winter home projects you’ve been wanting to cross off.  Here’s a short list to get you started.

Interior Painting

Giving your home’s interior walls a fresh coat of paint is a high-ROI project that you can easily knock out in a day or two.  Start by laying down drop cloths and moving all the furniture out of the room you’re painting.  If space is limited, you can push all your furniture into a pile in the center, cover everything with a drop cloth or plastic sheeting, and work around it.  Next, fill in any cracks or chips in the walls with putty and sand them down.  Then, remove all light switch plates, covers, and switch knobs.  Apply painter’s tape to the trim, get out your rollers, and have fun!

Bathroom Upgrades

It’s common to think of a bathroom remodel as a major overhaul with all new fixtures, but smaller DIY tasks can make just as much of an impact.  Start your bathroom makeover by refinishing your tub.  Fill in any cracks or holes with epoxy, then sand it smooth.  Apply multiple layers of primer and topcoat, buff the entire surface, and your bathtub will feel brand new.  Pick out new hardware for your cabinets or vanity, a new shower curtain and rod, and a new showerhead. Match these pieces to tie the room together and your DIY bathroom makeover will be complete.







Create an Indoor Winter Garden

Bring the outdoors in this winter by creating an indoor winter garden.  Plot out your garden before purchasing any plants so you can strategize for potting and placement.  Research which plants require grow lights to stay healthy indoors. Monsteras, or swiss cheese plants, work well in open spaces, such as the living room, due to their natural inclination to climb.  Spider or jade plants are a fitting choice for a home office, breakfast nook, or anywhere you’re looking to fill shelving space.  Houseplants that work well in the bathroom include ferns, bamboo, and Devil’s Ivy.

Full Winter Cleaning

Whether you’re preparing for hosting guests over the holidays or just looking to tidy up before the new year, your home deserves a thorough cleaning. Work top-to-bottom so that dust and debris fall to floor as you work.  This avoids having to clean the same areas multiple times. Declutter and organize each room as you clean.  Separate items by which ones you’re able to donate, which ones can go into storage, and which need to be thrown away.  Group seasonal items together so they can be easily accessed.

Liven up the Laundry Room

It’s easy to overlook the laundry room when thinking about home projects, but with a little love, you can completely change the look and feel of the room. Who says that doing laundry can’t be fun? Adding wallpaper or repainting the walls will help to bring new energy into the space. Take a more functional approach by adding shelving and storage to help you stay organized while doing laundry. Keep your detergent, dryer sheets, and other laundry supplies within reach while making room for your baskets and larger items like blankets and sheets.


These are just some of the ways you can stay busy at home with DIY Winter Projects.  Not only will these projects refresh the spaces in your home, they can also increase its value, which can be beneficial when it comes time to sell.

Source: Windermere Home Update