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Home Update – 5 Ideas for Seasonal Decor

5 Ideas for Seasonal Decor


Of all the seasonal delights winter brings to mind – cozy nights by the fire, a steaming cup of cocoa, joyful gatherings with family and friends around the dinner table – the desire to adorn your home with festive decorations is chief among them.  These 5 ideas for seasonal decor will bring your holiday cheer to life while providing the perfect backdrop all winter long.


Front Entry: Your front entry says a lot about your home. Using seasonal accents can help to tie the decor in your home’s exterior and interior together.  Hang a wreath on the front door for a natural, organic centerpiece.  Baskets will help accent any greenery you choose to display, either on their own or filled with seasonal goodies.  Add more plant life to up the organic feel of your front entry.  Though winter isn’t known for blossoming flowers like its springtime counterpart, greenery can help deliver the same organic atmosphere to your front entry.  Adding a few plants may be just the finishing touch you’re looking for to make your home as welcoming as possible.

Go for Comfort: A comfortably decorated house can help make the most of long winter days and nights at home and will establish a welcoming ambience for your guests this holiday season. Winter is the perfect time of year to incorporate candlelight.  Use candles as centerpieces at your dinner table or as accent pieces near reading nooks and in the bathroom.  Experiment with thicker fabrics for your rugs, blankets and pillows in common areas. Make the living room your decorative focal point for guests to gather ’round and celebrate the holidays together.  Decorate around the hearth and on the mantle to make the fireplace a natural centerpiece.

Use Color: Although a neutral color palette and winter go hand-in-hand, that doesn’t mean your seasonal decor should be devoid of color.  Spice up your holiday decorations with splashes of color to liven up your spaces while maintaining your wintery vibe.  Try some colorful throw pillows and blankets in the living room, multi-colored pots and planters and vibrant decorations on your shelves and around the kitchen table.

Indoor Plants: Decorating with plants this winter doesn’t have to be limited to just your front entry.  Use greenery, boughs and garland to give your interior an organic, wintery touch.  Use garland on your stairs by wrapping it around your banister or weaving it through the posts, then intertwine a string of lights in the greenery for a magical finishing touch.  If you have indoor planters, add some seasonal touches like pinecones and candle jars nearby.  Let the fresh, piney smells fill your home and viola! You’ll be well on your way to curating your own winter wonderland.

Small Touches: When decorating for the seasons, little accents throughout the house help tie the seasonal theme together.  Decorate with homemade snowballs, snowflakes, twigs, ornaments, and vases to create the right combination of winter items throughout your home.  These pieces work well in small places such as side tables, on the countertop underneath cabinets, on decorative shelving in a guest room or bathroom, or on the kitchen table.  Sprinkle in seasonal accents such as pine and cinnamon to top off your decorations.


These seasonal decor tips will have your home feeling festive through the winter days and cheerful nights of holiday celebration.


3 Tips for Cleaning Up After the Holidays

  1. Deep Cleaning: clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces like countertops, door handles, and faucets.  If you had guests stay overnight, clean those rooms thoroughly before your next round of guests.
  2. Stow your Holiday Decorations: group like items together and properly label your boxes to make next year’s decorating process easier.  Declutter as you go.  Donate or properly dispose of old holiday decorations you don’t plan to use again.
  3. Holiday Leftovers: what’s a holiday celebration without a heap of leftovers? Gather the food you intend to keep and portion it out into separate meals.  Clean out your refrigerator and freezer to make room for these extra helpings.


Source: Windermere Home Update